Sprinkler Glass


Geissler offers sprinkler glass ampoules in all common trigger temperatures. According to customer needs, we manufacture ampoules with any desired triggering temperature up to 343°C/650°F. Triggering takes place within a narrow tolerance range depending on approval requirements.


In addition to a special filling liquid, sprinkler ampoules also contain a small air bubble, the size of which is decisive for the triggering temperature. When the ampoule is heated, the filling liquid expands and displaces the air bubble until it is completely dissolved. With further heating, the increase in pressure in the ampoule causes it to burst and the sprinkler system to be triggered.

RTI (Response-Time-Index)

The Response Time Index (RTI) is the measure of a sprinkler’s response sensitivity. The lower the RTI value of a sprinkler ampoule, the higher the response sensitivity.


Response classes:
normal (standard response): RTI > 80 (ms)1⁄2
spezial (special response): RTI 50 – 80 (ms)1⁄2
schnell (fast response): RTI < 50 (ms)1⁄2


Axiale pressure resistance

Sprinkler ampoules must be capable of withstanding high pressure when installed. The pressure resistance of Geissler ampoules exceeds this pressure many times over. For applications with particularly high axial pressure resistance requirements, Geissler has developed the GS ampoule.


Geissler ampoules are shipped in a blister strip. There are 2500 ampoules on each roll, each individually packed. This ensures safe transportation and effective further processing. Blister strips allow a very PRECISE FEEDING into automated production processes.