Medical Glasses

Life without light is not possible. Light, in turn, is the sum of all “colors” – whether visible or invisible. The fact that light and colors can heal when used correctly is the logical conclusion of a knowledge that is as old as mankind itself. Because a large part of the healthcare system of ancient cultures was based on this knowledge. Even the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Indians and Chinese knew about the healing effects of light and colour. Each of these cultures had their own methods of “light and color therapy”. And there are many indications that these therapies were highly developed in ancient Egypt!

Color puncture is a therapy with colors that respond to each individual person. This includes research into the causes of physical complaints. Because only by eliminating the cause of the disease – which is often in the psychosomatic area – can a disease be eliminated permanently.
There are now more than 200 different systems within color puncture, which has already established itself in over 20 countries around the world as a “gentle” therapy method that is free of pain and side effects.
Color puncture has another invaluable advantage. In our extremely fast-paced world, “time” is one of the most important factors of all. You only need about three to five minutes per application to use the wonderful effect of the colors! You can find out how the therapy works directly from our customers or suppliers of color puncture therapies.

Color treatments are applied to

  • Sleep disorders
  • Morning tiredness
  • Stomach pressure and heartburn
  • Headache
  • Concentration and learning disorders
  • Prevention of colds, strengthening of the immune system